Choosing a New Toilet for your Bathroom

Choosing a New Toilet for your Bathroom

Many homeowners wish to enhance the look of their home through various upgrades and updates. The bathroom happens to be one of the rooms in the house that people want to remodel more than the others. While there are a variety of ways to change the entire look and ambiance of the bathroom, none of them is more enticing than an updated toilet.

Type of Toilet

Should you desire to enhance the look and appeal of your bathroom with a new toilet, first you must decide the type of toilet you wish to add. You can take your pick of brands, sizes, and styles of toilets. Most toilets are white, but other colors are sometimes available. Custom made toilets are also an option.


The toilet size is an important factor to consider before purchase. You do not want to purchase a toilet that is too large or too small for your available space. In addition, the height of the toilet is an important consideration. The average toilet height is 1 ½ inch from the floor.


The price of a toilet varies with a number of factors influencing the price. This includes the brand, the model, the size, and the features that it is equipped with. Some toilets costs as little as $100 while others can cost thousands of dollars. Before you buy, take the time to compare. There is no cost to compare and it will take only a matter of minutes, with ample benefits the result of your comparisons.


Toilets have a variety of features these days! If it has been a while since you’ve upgraded, you simply don’t understand what you’ve been missing! Before spending any money on the purchase of a new toilet, make sure that you consider all of the features that it offers.


One of the most important things to consider when buying a toilet for your bathroom is its efficiency. You want the most efficient model available to suit your needs since this helps you alleviate costs in the long run and provides benefits to the environment, too.

Toilet in the bathroom

Other Important Considerations

When choosing a new toilet for your bathroom, the following is also important for you to keep in mind:

  • Read reviews and testimonials before you buy. These are so helpful and offered to you at no cost!
  • Be sure that you select a model that comes with a warranty. A one-year minimum warranty is ideal but many models offer much longer. Check it out before you make a purchase.
  • Quality over price. Don’t purchase the cheapest model and don’t opt for the most expensive model but do keep in mind that the quality of the unit is of greater importance that the price. Sometimes it is better to pay a few dollars more than to settle for less.