7 things every Bedroom needs for the Ultimate in Comfort

7 things every Bedroom needs for the Ultimate in Comfort

How do you create a bedroom that is much more than a simple room in the house? How do you enhance the ambiance in the bedroom and keep it the ‘perfect’ room? It isn’t as difficult as one might think. With the following 7 bedroom essentials, you’re all set for a bedroom that you’ll love.

Lots of Pillows

There’s no such thing as too many pillows. Just one look at them piled atop of your bed can send you into a world of bliss and comfort. Choose pillows of various sizes and colors (all of which enhance the décor that you already have) to snuggle up to when it’s time to catch some ZZZs.


Your Mattress is Important

You’ll be spending 6 to 15 with your mattress, so when you purchase, ensure that you choose quality over cost even if that requires a little more money to be spent. A good mattress ensures quality sleep, and when you wake up well rested, you are on a mission for a productive day. This isn’t the scenario if you aren’t sleeping well. Many people that aren’t getting enough rest are missing out as the result of their mattress. If your mattress is over 8 years old, has knots, tears, rips, or is otherwise uncomfortable, it is time to replace!

A Good Mirror

The mirror should be full length so you’re always able to check your best assets out, check the length of an outfit and simple to see all of that gorgeous person staring back at you in the mirror. (where else are you going to take those awesome selfies?)

A Sitting Area

Every bedroom needs a sitting area, and we’re not talking about the bed. It is simple to create a sitting area where you can stare at your gorgeous face in the mirror, read a good book, or chat with a friend for a spell. Don’t deny your bedroom this simple pleasure.

The things that you Most Love

Whether it is a teddy bear or a photograph, a poster from your teenage years or sentiments from your marriage, your parents or another special person, the bedroom is your zone, your place to let it shine and make it all about you. You’ll feel the love in the area with all of these items.


Comfort in the bedroom is important. You cannot buy comfort at any store, so make sure that you take all steps necessary to create a room that is comfortable and comforting, soothing and peaceful.

The Proper Nightstand

A nightstand should be much more than a piece of furniture sitting in the bedroom. It should be your table of goodies and there shouldn’t be anything out of reach. A beautiful, colorful flower in a nice case is one item for your nightstand. Also place a book to read, a lamp, and any other items needed to make the space your own.

Is your bedroom filled with these essentials?